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Where do you go to get some straight answers to your questions about the music business? Let me introduce you to Nashville Click Productions. The Nashville Click is dedicated to providing a unique form of personal management for the independent songwriter, singer or band. Our prospective Recording Artist or Writer can expect a thorough evaluation at which time we will take a look at your style, where you have been so far and where you would like to go in your career.

IF you want to work with us and we feel that you have the talent to have a good chance of achieving success in your chosen area of interest (Singer/Songwriter or other) we will sign you to a contract that will last as long as you choose to remain a member of the Nashville Click. Working with you as a signed artist we will help you design recording projects, public relations, promotions and publicity and all areas of the music business. From a simple demo to a master single or album you pick the projects. And however big or small we will work with you. If at any time you feel that you no longer need our services , you can cancel our contract with no penalty of any kind and we will leave the door open for you should you like to come back. Contact Nashville Click Productions today and your first consultation is on us – FREE.

email OR CALL (615) 347-1585



  1. Hi Paul,
    While going through some old Billboard magazines from the 1970s I came across an ad of yours so I googled Paul Click and it looks like you are doing very well. Maybe you remember me, Sherwin Linton. I still tour and do a couple hundred shows a year. I continue to record and have a current video that gets a lot of views on You Tube. A song I wrote many years ago, “We Need A Lot More Guitars and A Lot less Guns on the Streets of America”. The song is anti violence, not anti gun ownership. If you have a moment check it out. It could have possibilities for the right artist. Very timely with a positive message. I would enjoy hearing from you and if you remember me. Thanks Paul and have a good day.


  2. What a surprise Sherwin. It has been a while since we crossed paths but of course I remember you. I don’t beleive anyone who has seen your show could ever forget Sherwin Linton. We should get together and catch up. Its a great time to be in the Country Music Business!


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