Home Made Songs

Some things are just better when  they are home made!  Not always and not everything but some very special things – like my unique home made songs.  I write about life while watching it go by. Right now I’m on a railroad kick.  I’ve been driving a van transporting railroad crews (conductor & engineer) to and from their trains.  And getting to know these iron rail cowboys demanded that their story be told.  I record in my home studio in Nashville, Tennessee and make the music available  through CDBaby  an on line distribution company.  You can also find me on iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify. Hope I didn’t leave anyone out. You can check out my 4 song CD simply titled Paul Click EP at the afore mentioned sites.  Of these four songs only one is railroad influenced “Like a Runaway Train” – the one that kicked off the current songwriting binge.  I’m almost finished recording a 10 song album which includes a few more and should see the light of digital day sometime around first of  the year 2016 .   Please visit my web site Paul Click Music.com for news and contact info.


    • GOOD TO HEAR FROM YOU JEFF. Could you remind me where I know you from? I love steel guitar and would like to know more about your experience.


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